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Why should I consult with a realtor who specializes in divorce real estate?

Most people have a friend or family member who sells real estate. In most cases, the house accounts for nearly 60% of a households net worth. Thank your family friend for wanting to help and consult with a professional, here's why:

You want to keep the house?

You need to know what you owe, know what you own and know what you're getting stuck with.

Factors to consider:

The Value - Division of Equity isn't always equal

The Condition

The Insurability

You want to sell the house?

Hiring a REAL ESTATE AGENT who specializes in divorce real estate who will "Represent the House" in the divorce.  Divorcing homeowners need help to navigate what to do with the house regardless of whether the divorce is amicable or highly contested. You need someone who is an experienced negotiator and can handle conflict resolution and who can work with the divorcing homeowners, their mediator or attorneys and the co-broker and buyers of the property. We serve the Greater Nashua and surrounding communities of Southern NH and select communities in MA.

Confidential House Due Diligence Consultation

A consultation with one or both parties to determine what to do with the house in the divorce. This isn't always an easy conversation. Often one party wants to keep the house for emotional reasons. This consultation is an opportunity to address the reasons to keep the house and assess the risks associated with keeping the house.

House Homework

Whether divorcing homeowners have agreed one party will keep the house or sell it, there is house homework that needs to be complete as part of the Discovery Process. You're RCS-D Real Estate professional will help guide you through this process so all information needed is identified as well as setting a schedule for the items due for Discovery.

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The house is the largest asset most divorcing homeowners have, The decision to keep it or sell it should not be taken lightly. Contact Amanda Reichert, your RCS-D Realtor to schedule a consultation.

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