marital mediation with mary sargent

Marital mediation with Mary Sargent, divorce, certified family mediator, nashua nh.

Helping Families and Divorcing Couples Resolve Conflict

I appreciate how personal & painful family conflict can be. How do you initiate those difficult conversations without making things worse? 

As a certified family mediator, I can help you address issues in a safe and confidential setting, encouraging positive, healthy communication. 

By focusing on the future, I can assist you in finding a better way to relate and respond to one another.

A Mediator DOES

Create an opportunity for families to communicate effectively and keep relationships intact.

Help families identify priorities, explore options, stay on track and remain future focused.

Support parties in saying what they need to say and hearing what they need to hear, in confidence.

Assist family members in gaining clarity and mutual understanding to reach consensus and make their own decisions so they can move forward from the issue at hand.

A Mediator DOES NOT

Provide therapy, advice or opinions.

Make decisions for parties.

Mediation vs Litigation

Considering litigation? 

Consider this, Mediation is

Less expensive

Less adversarial

Less time consuming

Less formal

More successful in yielding durable outcomes

Able to address non-legal issues

Professional Member Organizations / Certification / Designation