Most Commonly Asked Questions About Divorce

Divorce is scary, We'll help put you in touch with professionals most aligned to your needs.

As you can see the scenarios and questions are very individual and are endless. Refrain from asking friends and family for "their advice". Leave the "Advice" to the professionals who "know the law" and are qualified to "give advice"

Q: Is NH/MA a No Fault State?

Q: What is an uncontested divorce?

Q: What are the procedures for a divorce? How do I file?

Q: What does a divorce cost?

Q: Do I need a lawyer or can I represent myself?

Q: I'd like to attend mediation, how do I do that? 

Q: How is the equity to the marital home determined? How is it divided?

Q: I want to keep the house but I don't know if I can afford to keep it. How do I find this out?

Q: Do I need to be separated for any period of time before I can file for divorce?

Q: What if I can't find my spouse?

Q: Will I have to go to Court?

Q: Does Increased parenting time reduce child support?

Q: Can Child support or alimony be discharged in bankruptcy?

Q: Can liquidity affect the division of assets?

Q: What is the difference between a "separation agreement" and a divorce?

Q: Can my spouse keep me on his/her insurance after divorce? 

Q: I was just served divorce papers, what should I do first?

Q: How long will it take for my divorce to be finalized? With children? Without children?

Q: Who pays my legal fees in divorce?

Q: What is a financial restraining order?

Q: Can I mediate my divorce or do I need to litigate?

Q: What is discovery? What happens if I don't provide what's asked of me by the deadline?

Q: I signed a prenuptial agreement, is it enforceable in NH/MA?

Q: Alimony - What is the difference between "rehabilitated", "reimbursement" and "transitional" alimony?

Q: Can I change my name after divorce?

Q: What does "contempt" mean?

Q: My child just turned 18, do I have to continue to pay child support? For how long? When does it stop?

Q: How is alimony determined in MA/NH? 

Q: What questions should I ask an attorney before I hire them?

Q: Can parties be bound by a preliminary agreement that has been signed?

Q: Can a spouse's inheritance (past/future) be divided as an asset in divorce?

Q: How is child support/alimony enforced when one party refuses to pay?

Q: My spouse is self employed and doesn't claim all income, how can a fair settlement, child support and alimony be determined?

Q: My ex-spouse is alienating me from my child, what can I do?

Get help answering the thousands of questions with factual information that will arise in divorce.

Get help answering the thousands of questions with factual information that will arise in divorce.